¡The trend Alert! #AboutColors

At the end, it does not matter much what the tendency is but to show our essence Each year brings a color palette of trend for the season (regularly defined by the company Pantone) and at the same time combinations that will be the most seen, this year, pink and light yellow, for example, been major ...

A bohemian; with an air of elegance

In a look, in life and in everything we need to have harmony in what we do, we dress and say, so today I decided to show you how to wear a bohemian look without appearing to be a hippie or gypsy costume.

A good footwear worth more than a thousand words?

Ciertamente sé que más de una al leer el título de este blog post, abrieron los ojos y sin pensarlo dos veces respondieron un sí, rotundo, las mujeres somos amantes a los zapatos en todas sus variedades, colores y sabores.