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The sporty chic trend of the late 80’s and early 90’s has been developing for several seasons, this is about mixing pieces that are very elegant with so many of the sports line, it is something like being comfortable without sacrificing the style.
I tell you the true. From before I used to do things like this, I am very innovative and do what I arise at that time, characteristics of the people in creative style, but reaffirm that I wanted to continue doing so when I saw the great runways of the world walking in a pair of tennis, I constantly received questions about my opinion on this “NEW LOOK” and the answer was always the same I LOVE IT, now… for when? It is always a doubt that arises, about how suitable it is to look so relaxed in certain environments, because I comment that in my case I use it all the time, but I have become addicted to sporty with chic touches at the time of going on a trip , you know the disaster that is moving from one country to another and when you have several events in the same month, at that point the most important is your comfort, but we can not neglect to see us beautiful. yes or yes?

If you are looking for reference of what I speak, here I leave this look with which I felt exaggeratedly avant-garde and in comfort; maxi black strapless and oversized dress next to a pair of PUMA and a bomber jacket.

My bag? Always the most functional, cross body in my favorite color; yellow, I used it for my last trip of work to the city of San Francisco a super organized and very interesting place, it is as if in every corner you will find something new, I did not lose nor a minute, at my arrival immediately start my tour by all the places that friends recommended me, of course I had to do the classic photo with the Golden Gate Bridge to my background, a lot of walking, yes, but when you use pieces that bring you this comfort, everything becomes lighter.


If the pieces are in neutral or achromatic tones like navy blue or black then the total look will look more elegant
Do not go to the extreme; the fact that you have the possibility of choosing a casual sport piece does not indicate that you will choose your worst gym shoes to walk around the city.
Remember the chic; we do not want to see ourselves as we just leave the gym so you always find that element that is remarkable and that denote that you know what you are doing and not that you just leave the yoga.
If you follow these simple tips, you will achieve your look without dying in the attempt.
Girls, it’s all for today, thanks for always reading me and for your beautiful comments on all my social networks,


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